Humble Beginnings

Ruggero began as a baker's boy in Verona, learning traditional Italian and Habsburg baking techniques and recipes. He learned the ancient recipe for Pandoro di Verona the traditional Italian holiday cake and one of the greatest authentic Italian holiday cakes.


A Sweet Dream

Ruggero left Verona on the Princess Mafalda steamship to bring his craft beyond Italy and seek his fortune in America. He was among the few survivors when the steamship wrecked, and he went on to make his fortune as planned.

He opened a confectioner's shop, employing 40 workers. 


Yearning for Home

However, his hometown of Verona was still in his heart, and Ruggero and his wife Zina came back to Italy. He became the first confectioner in Verona, providing more than 5,000 pastries per day.


Pandoro Di Verona

Ruggero began Pandoro production according to its ancient traditional recipe, but on an industrial scale, creating the first high quality product of its kind.


Family Values

Ruggero and Zina’s three children - Adriano, Alberto and Carlo -  joined the business to bring new and innovative thinking to their family values of passion, product quality and service.


Beyond Verona

As Bauli's influence grew steadily in its home in Verona and a new modern facility was built in nearby Castel d'Azzano to help with the new growth.


Ready to Eat

Bauli officially presented the first Italian-style "ready-to-eat" croissants to it's offering of holiday specialty cakes and pasteries.